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Concept2 BikeERG

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Concept2 Bike Erg 

The Concept 2 Bike Erg is the latest addition to the Concept family of sport-based ergometers. The BikeErg has the same flywheel and Performance Monitor as the Concept2 Indoor Rowers and SkiErgs, bringing to cycling the strengths and features previously brought to rowing and cross-country skiing. The flywheel uses air resistance to create a smooth, quiet ride that responds to your efforts. The damper is your ?gearing,? allowing you to adjust the feel of your ride. Unlike most stationary bikes, the BikeErg has a clutch, so just like a real bike, when you stop pedaling, the flywheel keeps on spinning.

The sophisticated Performance Monitor gives you instantaneous workout feedback, with a wide variety of displays and workouts to choose from. The Performance Monitor is calibrated so you?ll be able to directly compare your times and distances with other people, as well as track your progress. The BikeErg comes from a company with over 40 years experience of making innovative, high quality products. Whatever sort of indoor cycling workout you?re after, whether you?re looking to get fit or gain an edge for your next race, the Concept2 BikeErg is the perfect machine for you.


How does the BikeErg differ from a ?spin bike??


A ?spin bike? typically has a heavy flywheel with an adjustable (friction) brake. Once you adjust the brake, the resistance will be the same at any pedal cadence. This means you can set a low resistance and pedal at a high cadence or set a high resistance and feel that high pedal force even at low cadence.

The BikeErg has a flywheel with fan blades, which cause increasing air resistance as the wheel spins faster and as the damper allows more air to circulate .The resistance you feel on the BikeErg is a function of your cadence. Simply increasing your cadence will also increase the resistance, similar to a road bike. Adjusting airflow to the fan will change the resistance you feel at a given cadence. Airflow is controlled by a simple damper lever on the fan enclosure. The result is much like changing the gearing.


Supplied with purchase:

? PM5 Monitor
? Product Manual with Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide
? Tools and instructions for assembly


Tech Specs:

? Overall Length: 122 cm
? Width: 61 cm
? Seat Height Seat to Pedal range (approximately): 79?103 cm
? Crank Length: 170 mm
? Q Factor: 15.5 cm
? Drive: Polygroove belts with self-tensioning system
? Monitor: PM5
? Power Requirement: Requires 2 D cell batteries. During your workout, the monitor draws power from the spinning flywheel to extend battery life.
? Maximum User Weight: 136 kg
? Construction: Welded aluminum frame. Steel feet.
? Finish: Black powder coat frame; grey anodized posts
? Storage: Must be stored in its fully assembled state



? Assembled: 122 cm x 61 cm
? Machine Weight: 26 kg

? Carton Dimensions: 38 cm x 66 cm x 122 cm
? Carton Weight: 37 kg