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Xpeed Rubber Floor Tile - Black

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Xpeed Rubber Floor Tile - Black 

One of the biggest selling fitness products in the world is gym flooring, including premium Astro Turf or commercial grade rubber tiles such as our Xpeed Rubber Floor Tile - Black. Over the years the more commercial spaces we have helped set up the more we have understood the need for top quality flooring. Not only does it elevate the offering of your space it also increases the life of your equipment.

Enhance the aesthetic appearance of your facility, create premium segments and protect the life of your gym equipment with rubber tiles. The Xpeed Rubber Tiles are perfectly suited for gyms, sports facilities and even playgrounds. The tiles are made from 80% recycled materials, have sound insulating characteristics, are flexible, shock absorbing and durable. Due to their shock absorbing nature and durability, rubber tiles are ideal for flooring underneath heavy strength equipment as well as cardio equipment.

The Xpeed Rubber Tiles also contain natural anti-slip and anti-static properties, this coupled with their 1m x 1m measurements, means they are dimensionally stable once installed. Therefore, in fitness class settings they help create an optimal environment for the safety of clients. Placing heavy equipment on rubber tiles also avoids the potential for equipment slippage. 

Features Benefits
Made from 80% recycled materials Environmentally friendly and sustainable, reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly practices.
Sound insulating characteristics Reduces noise, creating a quieter and more comfortable workout environment.
Flexible and shock absorbing Protects both equipment and users by absorbing impact, reducing the risk of injury and extending equipment lifespan.
Durable construction Long-lasting performance, suitable for high-traffic areas and heavy use.
Natural anti-slip properties Enhances safety by preventing slips and falls during workouts.
Anti-static properties Reduces the build-up of static electricity, ensuring a safer workout environment.
Dimensionally stable (1m x 1m measurements) Maintains shape and stability once installed, ensuring a uniform and secure flooring surface.
Minimal rubber smell More pleasant for users, enhancing the overall gym experience without the overpowering odor of cheaper rubber tiles.
Easy maintenance Simple cleaning process with non-oil based cleaning agents, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness with minimal effort.
Ideal for heavy strength and cardio equipment Provides a stable and secure base, preventing equipment slippage and damage.
Versatile usage (gyms, sports facilities, playgrounds) Suitable for various environments, offering flexible flooring solutions.


The Xpeed Rubber tiles require some basic maintenance. For health and hygiene purposes it is recommended to clean the tiles with a damp mop using non-oil based normal cleaning agent. With stains lightly spray a damp cloth and gently wipe over the stain. Please note that solvents and chlorine-containing detergents are not to be used. Wipe over with clean water after.

As a result of being designed and made in Malaysia one of the distinctive qualities of this particular product is its non rubber smell. Other cheaply made tiles have an over powering rubber smell which is off putting to potential clients. Other ways to help elevate your gym floor is with a combination of tiles and astro turf to create optimum training segments throughout your facility. 


The rubber tiles are constructed of 80% Recycled SBR + PU Binder. By up cycling the materials in our tiles we're committed to the process of slowing down and reducing the harvesting of new materials from the Earth. Therefore, reducing waste and creating more sustainable products for you and your customers.


-  Standard 1m x 1m x 15mm size (1 meter square)
-  High density compressed rubber compounds with a low mesh count for slip resistance even when wet.
-  Non-toxic and 80% recycled rubber with bevelled edge
-  Easy installation - Simply lay each rubber tile on a flat surface, no need for any glues
-  Each rubber tile weighs over 13kg
-  Commercial Gym, Personal Training studio, Home Gym

For the warranty and spec sheet see here.